MMSA Executive Council 2017-2018

Senior Stick - Gurmeet Kaur Sohi

I’m a medical student at the Max Rady College of Medicine and serve as the Senior Stick of the 2017-2018 Student council. As Senior Stick, I represent Manitoba medical students not only at the U of M but to external organizations as well. My role includes overseeing MMSA activities and ensuring we’re addressing the issues our students find important and providing programming and services that improve their medical school experience. In my non-med life, I love hiking, traveling and spending time with my family – I will show you pictures of my adorable nephews any chance I get!

Honorary Senior Stick - Dr. William Libich

Vice Stick Internal - Alyssa Archibald

Hey everyone! I’m a third year medical student at the Max Rady College of Medicine, and serve as your Vice-Stick Internal for 2017-2018! As VSI, my portfolio focuses around affairs related to our University and College, including academics, curriculum, accreditation, and our student-run interest groups (link?). I also assist Gurmeet as Senior Stick, and am your liaison between the student body, class representatives, and our faculty. Outside of medicine, I love nature and the outdoors, snowboarding, and playing ultimate frisbee (albeit pretty terribly). If you have any questions, suggestions, or general comments about our College or program, feel free to give me a shout at any time!

Vice Stick External - Achieng Tago

I am a medical student at the Max Rady College of Medicine and serve as the Vice-Stick External for the 2017-2018 Student Council. Within my role, I work alongside the CFMS Representative Junior to represent Manitoba medical students to the MMSA, the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS), the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Doctors Manitoba. Within this capacity I assist with the Doctors Manitoba Mentorship program as well as organize events for the student body, and ensure that medical students in Manitoba are informed about the state of medical education throughout Canada.
My passions outside of medical school include traveling, and most of all reading!

CFMS Representative Junior - Maira Ahmed

Maira Ahmed: Hello! I am a student at the Max Rady College of Medicine in my second year and I am serving as the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) junior representative. I work with the VP External to bring in new initiatives that are helpful to students. Also, I act as a liaison between the CFMS, Canadian Medical Association, Docs MB, Manitoba Medical Students Association, and the students. I thoroughly enjoy representing such a wonderful bunch of students and aim to do my part in helping with the medical school experience. Feel free to approach me with any questions or concerns


Rebecca Gole (Sr. Treasurer)

Simmi Dhaliwal (Jr. Treasurer)

Hey there, we’re the MMSA Treasurers! Rebecca is in her third year of Medicine, while Simmi is in her second. Together, we are able to effectively collect or dispense funds to students in all years. Previously, Rebecca graduated from the U of M with a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, music, and reading. Simmi likes to cook and makes some mean chocolate chip cookies. We’re looking forward to a great academic year – please feel free to approach us regarding any financial concerns pertinent to the MMSA (e.g. student fees, reimbursements).

Communications Rep - Matthew Kochan

Matthew Kochan

My name is Matthew Kochan and I am the Communications Representative for the MMSA. My role is to act as a secretary for the council by taking minutes at meetings and facilitating communication between executive members. My job also entails management of our new website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the happenings of the MMSA council or the website feel free to contact me. Apart from Communications Rep I also am a member of the Pediatrics Interest Group and I am in the B.Sc Med program. In my free time I play video games.

Corporate Relations Rep - Charlenn Skead

Hey! My name is Charlenn Skead and I am a third year medical student at U of M and your corporate relations rep! My role is to connect us to local companies for sponsorship opportunities, networking and information to explain everything finance. Keep an eye out for my posts to make sure you don’t miss these opportunities! If you have any suggestions to topics, businesses you would like to work with, ideas, questions or great buzzfeed lists send me an email!

Events Programmers

Kaitlyn Kaltenberger

Ryan Ramjiawan

The two MMSA social programmers are an elected position traditionally filled by 2nd year students. We are responsible for planning college-wide events open to all medical students at the UofM. This includes coordinating with other schools for Icebowl, working with the Faculty of Law for the Med-Law social, as well as organizing our annual Movember Coffeehouse, Winter Formal, Banny Bowl and Beer & Skits (click the tabs above to see more info!). Outside of school, Kaitlyn loves traveling hanging out with her dogs, and spending time outdoors, while Ryan is passionate about competitive soccer, hiking, and fishing. We are both very friendly and outgoing so if you have any questions about upcoming events, about what the position itself entails, or anything else at all feel free to send us an email!

UMSU Representative - Blake Lerner

Hi there! I am a third-year student at the Max Rady College of Medicine and your 2017/18 UMSU representative.  It is my job to represent the interests of medical students to the University of Manitoba Students’ Union at their council meetings as well as keep the MMSA apprised of UMSU business. When I’m not making sure you have the best access to student services as possible, I enjoy cycling around this beautiful city and playing video games. Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions.

Senator - Richard Zhang

I am a third-year student serving as a representative in the University of Manitoba Senate. This senior governing body makes decisions that profoundly affect the range of our student experience, including courses, examinations, and academic resources. As MMSA Senator, I speak on behalf of students in the Max Rady College of Medicine and vote on important matters with their interests at heart.

In addition to carrying out my senatorial and MMSA duties, I will also be assisting in the accreditation process as part of the 2018 External Review Steering Committee and perpetually interested in improving student spaces. Feel free to contact me with any feedback on your medical school experience and how we can make it better! Outside of medicine, I enjoy pursuits such as piano, calligraphy, and racquet sports.

Global Health Liaisons

Jaymie Walker (GHL Sr.)

Amy Sahai (GHL Jr.)

Hello! My name is Jaymie Walker and I am your Global Health Liaison Sr.! My role is to oversee the Global Health programming, including the Global Health Concentrations Program, the Rich Man Poor Man Dinner, and the events of the other global health executives. I also represent Manitoba at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) general meetings twice a year. I am super passionate about all things global health but in particular I love harm reduction and health and human resources. Outside of medicine, I love to be outdoors, laughing with my best friend and travelling whenever I get the chance! Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns or if you would like to collaborate on a project!

Med I Representative - Alexander Sharp

Hello I’m Alex Sharp, the MMSA Med 1 Representative. I am a voting member on the MMSA council that votes on behalf of the Med 1’s. In addition, I advocate for the educational, professional, social and athletic endeavours of my class. Don’t hesitate to stop me in the hall if you have any questions! Fun fact about me, I worked as a security guard at the University of Alberta hospital.

Local Officers of Indigenous Health

Katie Fulmore (LOIH Sr.)

Carly McLellan (LOIH Jr.)

Hey everyone, we’re your Local Officers of Indigenous Health. Please contact us if you have any questions about Indigenous Health in general of if you want to get involved in our community!

GAAC Representative - Linda Lam

Hi! My name is Linda Lam, I am the Government Affairs and Advocacy Representative Sr. (it’s a mouthful so we’ll just call it GAAC for short). I represent Manitoba within the larger CFMS GAAC group and I am the co-chair of our local Student Advocacy Committee, along with our Global Health Advocate (GHA). As your GAAC rep, I am involved with the planning and execution of of our provincial lobby day, as well as coordinating delegates to attend the Federal lobby day in Ottawa. I am also responsible for putting on smaller information session about our advocacy initiatives. Please email me with any of your advocacy questions or concerns!

CFMS Wellness Representative - Leanne Thompson

I act as a liaison for various external bodies such as the CFMS National Wellness Committee, the Doctors Manitoba Physician Health and Wellness Committee, and the MR College of Medicine Department of Student Affairs. I also chair our student wellness committee through which I help plan and execute wellness initiatives at our school such as the CFMS National Wellness Challenge Month and peer support groups. Please contact me if you have suggestions for the wellness curriculum or if you have questions about wellness resources available at the U of M! Be sure to check out our Wellness page!

Research Program Representative - Andrew McDermid

Hi. I am the research program representative for the MMSA. I am a second year medical student (class of 2020) and well-versed grad student. I am in my 4th year of PhD studies in Medical Microbiology. I have lots of graduate level experience and experience in graduate student politics from my 3 years on the Health Science Graduate Students’ Association. If you want to ask questions or have any suggestions about our graduate programs or procedures please feel free to drop me a line.

Class of 2018 Executive

A picture of Keely, the 2018 President

Keely Loewen (President)

A picture of Natalie, one of the 2018 ARs

Natalie Doughty (Academic Rep)

Matt Paschak (Academic Rep)

As the Executive for the Class of 2018 we act as a team to maintain an ongoing dialogue with the other MMSA Executive members, the faculty, and other Max Rady College of Medicine classes. Keely oversees class activities, acts as a spokesperson for the class at UGME and MMSA meetings, and collaborates with other class presidents. Matthew and Natalie support academic activities by advocating for the class at UGME meetings, organizing study materials, and communicating with other academic reps.

Class of 2019 Executive

Andrew Ajisebutu (President)

Ruth Habte (Ac Rep)

Janelle Quintana (Ac Rep)

Hi! We’re the Executive for the Class of 2019 – Andrew, Ruth, and Janelle. We work to advocate for our class with the rest of the MMSA Council as well as to the faculty. As Class President, Andrew coordinates all of our class council endeavors, while the three of us work together to represent the class regarding academic issues at faculty meetings.

Class of 2020 Executive

Nasser Barakat (President)

Taylor Rusnak (Ac Rep)

Danielle Stepnuk (Ac Rep)

Hey everyone! We’re Nasser, Danielle, and Taylor – the President and Academic Reps for the Class of 2020. We represent our class to the Faculty, the other classes, and on the MMSA Council. As president, Nasser is responsible for coordinating the activities of our council, and overseeing the implementation of all of our class events. As academic reps, Danielle and Taylor are in charge of advocating for the class on all academic-related concerns. Nasser’s additional responsibilities include saving us from attacking alligators and storing canned food for the apocalypse. Interesting fact about Danielle is that she has the incredible power of stretching her limbs to unfathomable lengths. Taylor can grow her nails really really long. Together, along with the rest of our class council, we represent the KEENEST class this college has ever seen!

Class of 2021 Executive

Joseph Darcel (President)

Mariam Ahmed (Academic Rep)

George Cai (Academic Rep)

Hey hey hey! We are Joseph, George and Mariam; the President and two Academic Reps for the Class of 2021. By our Franco-Sino-Fem powers combined, we advocate on behalf of our class to the faculty, facilitate the running of events and help coordinate class activities and initiatives. Little known facts about us: Joseph is a fan of Italian slippers, George eats like Gaston and Mariam treats her calendar like bingo night.


Retired Senior Stick - Joshua Palay

Welcome to the bottom of the page. This isn’t a real position. Sometimes I give advice. This is what happens when you ask me to update the page.

Edit: Josh Palay is our amazing outgoing Senior Stick who is the main person to thank for this awesome website you are now perusing.