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Membership Benefits

As a medical student at the Max Rady College of Medicine, your MMSA membership fee is covered by a one-time payment at the beginning of first year. Membership with our provincial professional association, Doctors Manitoba, as well as our national professional association, the CMA, is generously provided at no additional cost! Your fee also includes membership with the Canadian Federation of Medical Students which is the national body that serves and advocates for medical students.

Membership with both Doctors Manitoba and the CMA provides the same benefits to us as to physicians and residents. Check out their websites for more details (click the names above to for a direct link to each page!). If you don’t know your CMA ID number, call 1-888-855-2555.

Career Exploration

In development.

For now, check out these great Resident Profiles developed by Resident Doctors of Canada!


Room Booking

If you want to book BMS/ Brodie rooms to study, use for upcoming OSCE prep, etc, you can do so through the Astra calendar. This gives you the right to reserve a room for your use (since there’ve been multiple concerns about the rooms being used by non-Bannatyne students).

The BMS rooms are being renovated over the summer with increased security access for Bannatyne students; however, if until then you have difficulty securing your reserved room, you can contact Bannatyne Security Services at 204-789-3330.

Step 1: Find an available room on the Astra calendar:
Step 2: Book your available room here:…/rec…/room_booking_request/

Doc to help navigate Astra calendar attached: Room Booking Calendar Instructions

If you have any questions, contact your friendly class rep or MMSA member.

Important Policies/Resources

More to come (MRCoM) is in the process of updating their policies – you can view the old ones here.)



Check out the MMSA’s Rotation Tip Sheets for some information about what to expect from each rotation!

Student Wellness


Awards UGME has launched their new website which highlights awards you are eligible to apply for!