Humans of CaRMS – Family Medicine 5

  Family Med in Winnipeg N/A BSc med Not to rank back up programs that I wasn’t 100% considering Stress can be intense, even if you’re just applying to a non-competitive program. N/A Talking to attendings about their ideas on how to get the job you want. Even if it’s not in their area — […]

Humans of CaRMS – Family Medicine 4

  Dauphin/Parkland Family Medicine in Manitoba Absolutely. I chose not only electives, but also early exposures, in the Rural Manitoba Family Medicine programs that I was most interested in. I believe that being exposed to these programs prior to CaRMS was beneficial since I had a stronger understanding of which ones were a good fit […]

Humans of CaRMS – Internal Medicine 2

  Internal medicine UBC Yes. Letters from internal programs made a difference. Doing an elective at a university helped me get an interview there. Exposures Put a lot of work into your application. Start early. Practice for interviews a lot and be yourself. Meet and talk to as many people as possible. I would be […]

Humans of CaRMS – Emergency Medicine 2

  Emergency Medicine – Manitoba Yes – I only interviewed to programs where I had done electives Med 1 summer – 6 weeks of rural Family Medicine – I was interested in Family Medicine at that time, and although I had a great experience, I was less convinced that I wanted to do chronic care […]

Humans of CaRMS – Psychiatry 2

  U of M Psychiatry I think so. It seems that certain programs require you to do an elective in order to get an interview. Also, too many electives in one place or region could signal to programs in other areas that they are not a top choice for you. 4 weeks of early exposures […]

Humans of CaRMS – Family Medicine 3

  North Bay- NOSM- Family Yes- did a month in North Bay, wouldn’t of got it without that. Exchange in portugal (fun but medically worthless), Trained and raced Make your letters sparkle, and get the best possible letters for LORs (best written) Literally no one on the other end really knows what’s going on. They’re […]

Humans of CaRMS – Family Medicine 2

  Rural Family – Boundary Trails Yes, I chose electives that were mostly all things I could see myself doing in my future practice and one elective that took me out of my comfort zone in terms of working with a patient population I hadn’t before (homeless/ addiction shelters in Hamilton, ON). I knew I […]

Humans of CaRMS – Anatomical Pathology

  Toronto Anatomical Pathology Yes – my electives were heavily geared towards my top match choices Research in Toronto in Med 1, Med II research project in Med 2. 1) From Dr Horton: regard your elective time as precious investments to place in your future, esp. for competitive programs. I dual applied to pathology and […]

Humans of CaRMS – Ophthalmology

  Ophthalmology, Winnipeg Yes. Programs are more likely to interview applicants that do electives with them. By no means the rule, but often the case. Family medicine exposure (1 mo.) after Med I, Thoracic Surgery exposure (2 weeks) after med 2. Had prior research experience before entering medicine so less pressure to publish while in […]