Wellness Month Challenge

Registration for this year’s Wellness Month Challenge has begun!!! This month (Jan16- Feb 10) includes challenges based on the “4 pillars of wellness”: nutrition, mental health, physical health and social balance. Students from Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medical Rehabilitation are participating to increase awareness about student wellness and have the opportunity to win prizes like […]

Pathology: Clearing Up Facts and Fiction

Picture it: a dimly lit room, a mysteriously shadowed doctor, the absence of some critical PPE component and on the examination table, a corpse being autopsied in near darkness. In a matter of minutes, key forensic results are produced and the case is solved! This is a common representation of pathology in the media and […]

Reminder: Annual MMSA Award Deadline!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: In consideration of the recently completed UMFA strike, Awards UGME and the MMSA would like to remind you that the application deadline date for the Annual MMSA Awards has been extended to Monday December 5, 2016. Students in the Classes of  are eligible to apply for one or more of the following Annual […]

Toy Drive for Niji Mahkwa School!

This Holiday season, CAHE and IHPG are running a toy drive in support of Niji Mahkwa School. There are 308 students, ranging between nursery school and grade 8. We hope to collect enough toys to make sure every child goes home with a present; presents should be $20 value or less and ages range from […]

Doctors Manitoba Physician and Family Support Program

Did you know that MMSA members are eligible to access the Doctors Manitoba Physician and Family Support Program? This is a confidential, comprehensive resource program available 24/7 designed to provide you with support to manage issues at school, work or at home including confidential counselling, legal support and many other services. For more information on […]

Chris Briggs and Pavel Yarmak join the CFMS Leadership!

Congratulations are in order for University of Manitoba’s Christopher Briggs and Pavel Yarmak who were successful in their applications to the CFMS Leadership Team. Christopher Briggs will be the new National Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health and Pavel Yarmak will be the new National Officer of Information Technology Jr. There was incredible engagement from […]