Canadian Armed Forces Presentation

Captain Isabelle Landry, the Specialist Recruiter for the Health Services of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) – Western area will present information on the CAF’s subsidized education plan for medical officer – the MOTP entry plan.  As many new (and not-so-new) medical students are encouraged to attend!

Sponsored Lunch and Learn: Insurance

This event is sponsored by Doctors Insurance Agency. The MMSA does not endorse any financial institution/company. Also note, there is no relation of this company to Doctors Manitoba. Join for a lesson in finance covering three major forms of personal Insurance are (Life, Critical Illness, and disability). It will go on to talk about the statistics […]

Michael Walker’s Insurance Talk

Lunch talk with Mr. Michael Walker on disability insurance and options available for students going into medical practice. Lunch will be provided along with a draw for an iPad!