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Room Booking

If you want to book BMS/ Brodie rooms to study, use for upcoming OSCE prep, etc, you can do so through the Astra calendar. This gives you the right to reserve a room for your use (since there’ve been multiple concerns about the rooms being used by non-Bannatyne students).

The BMS rooms are being renovated over the summer with increased security access for Bannatyne students; however, if until then you have difficulty securing your reserved room, you can contact Bannatyne Security Services at 204-789-3330.

Doc to help navigate Astra calendar attached: Room Booking Calendar Instructions

If you have any questions, contact your friendly class rep or MMSA member.

Important Policies/Resources

More to come (MRCoM) is in the process of updating their policies – you can view the old ones here.)

Career Exploration

Check out these great Resident Profiles developed by Resident Doctors of Canada!

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