Introducing vBulletin (and How to Use It)

Hello to all MMSA Members,

It’s our pleasure to announce that the new MMSA Bulletin Board is now up and running!

The ‘Bulletin Board’ link in the menu will now automatically direct you to the new bulletin board. If you had an active ad on the old page, we recommend you re-post it to vBulletin.

The old bulletin board can still be found at this link:,

However we will not be accepting new posts now that vBulletin is in place.

Most importantly, if you plan to use the new Bulletin Board, we highly recommend you follow this guide if you are confused about any of the basic site functions.

This is the biggest change to the MMSA site since its launch, so we appreciate your patience and continued feedback as we acclimatize to this change.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Comms Rep Sr or Comms Rep Jr.

Kristen Braun

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