New MMSA Bulletin Board

Hello to all MMSA Members!

We’re excited to let you know about a big change coming to the Bulletin Board section of the MMSA website. Effective October 1st, 2019, we will be launching vBulletin, a forum-style website that will replace the old MMSA Bulletin Board webpage.

Take a quick read through the FAQ below if you want to learn more about this change.

I’ve never used the Bulletin Board, what’s its purpose? 

    • the MMSA Bulletin Board serves as a place for current U of M medical students to post about various items for sale (mostly parking passes, sometimes housing and textbooks). This will not be changing when we transition to vBulletin, the only thing changing is how these posts are made.

Why are we replacing the current bulletin board with vBulletin? 

    • The current MMSA Bulletin Board has very limited functionality. One of the main problems is that users are unable to edit or delete their own posts, amongst other things. vBulletin allows users to make an account, and once approved, freely post and interact with other users.

What do I do if I have an active post on the old bulletin board? 

    • If you have an active post on the MMSA Bulletin Board, we highly recommend you re-post it on vBulletin once it launches on Oct 1st. The old bulletin board will still be archived and available, but the “Bulletin Board” link on the MMSA website will automatically re-direct to vBulletin.

Can I still get to the old bulletin board? 

    • Yes, the old MMSA Bulletin Board will be archived once vBulletin launches, and can be reached at However we will not be accepting new posts to that board once vBulletin is set up

How do I use vBulletin? 

    • We have a walk-through document prepared that answers questions about the basics on how vBulletin works. This will be sent out via email to all classes once vBulletin is officially launched on Oct 1st.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we endeavour to improve the website. If you have further questions or concerns not covered in the above post, feel free to contact the Communications Representative Sr or Jr.

Kristen Braun

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