2016’s Canadian Federation of Medical Students’ Annual General Meeting in Edmonton has come and gone! The MMSA sent a ‘yuge delegation (pictured above) to promote our program and represent your views on key issues such as indigenous health, student wellness, and human trafficking. Here’s a quick overview of what’s going on with the CFMS:
All Canadian medical schools currently on the electives portal have agreed to use a single consolidated immunization form. This will save both clerks and Dr. Libich time and should be live in the coming months!

The CFMS has also partnered with Medskl has videos, practice questions and other resources for each of the 200 LMCC objectives. These resources are all free to use by Canadian medical students.
Student Affairs
The CFMS has made many partnerships in the last year to provide students with great
discounts. We now enjoy discounted prices for Complete Anatomy app, Pharmacology U See, Toronto Notes, Choice Hotel Group, LasikMD and others. Final year medical students can also enjoy discounted Westjet flights (10% off Econo/Flex, 15% off Plus) during their CaRMS tour.

For a full list of discounts, feel free to contact Chris Briggs  ([email][/email]) or Gurmeet Sohi ([email][/email]).
Presenters from CaRMS also came to speak with delegates. The most recent stats from the 2016 match are now available on their website. Unmatched medical graduates were a topic of discussion and is something that is currently on the radar of CaRMS, the CFMS and the AFMC. The CFMS has also been advocating for the CaRMS application fees to include more than three applications, something CaRMS is receptive to opening a dialogue about
The motions passed included a position paper to include human trafficking in curricula, specifically in sessions related to Indigenous, LGBTTQI* and Refugee Health. The CFMS also adopted a stance to encourage faculties to include teaching regulations and logistics of Medical Assistance in Dying. A position paper detailing the importance of teaching aspects of Indigenous mental health specifically relating to suicide was tabled to be resubmitted at SGM here in Winnipeg.
New Executive
Executive Council elections also took place at AGM. Congratulations to Manitoba’s own Gurmeet Sohi who was elected as a Western Regional Representative. The full executive is listed below:
CFMS President: Franco Rizzuti (Calgary)
Past President: Anthea Lafreniere (Ottawa)
VP Medical Education: Tavis Apramian (Western)
VP Communications: Emily Hodgson (McGill)
VP Finance: Daniel Peretz (McGill)
VP Student Affairs: Han Yan (Western)
VP Global Health: Jessica Bryce (Western)
VP Government Affairs: Sarah Silverberg (Toronto)
Atlantic Regional Representative: Alexandra Taylor (Dalhousie)
Quebec Regional representative: TBA
Ontario Regional Representatives: Shreya Jalali (Ottawa), Kaylynn Purdy (NOSM)
Western Regional Representatives: Laura Kim (UBC), Gurmeet Kaur Sohi (Manitoba)
Future Meetings
Winnipeg is set to host SGM 2017 this coming April 28th-29th!
Ottawa will host AGM 2017 which will coincide with Canada’s sesquicentennial celebration. Details on how to attend these upcoming conferences will be made available in the coming months.
Again, if you have any questions about the CFMS or how to get involved, please message Chris Briggs ([email][/email]) or Gurmeet Sohi ([email][/email])


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