Class of 2021: Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program Application Now Live!

As promised, the student sign up for the Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program is now live. This mentorship program was developed in a partnership with Doctors Manitoba, Max Rady College of Medicine Student Affairs, Professional Association of Residents and Interns in Manitoba (PARIM) and the MMSA. Its first iteration ran over the 2016-2017 year and we have made changes throughout the year based on student feedback.

The goal of the mentorship program is to connect students with residents and attending physicians in the field. Some of you may come from doctor families and some may have no connection to medicine at all – the goal of this Mentorship Program is to connect you all with a physician with whom you have similar personal or professional interests who can help answer your questions and guide you through your medical school experience and beyond.

More information about the mentorship program can be found here:
The medical profession is changing, with the number of Residents and medical students increasing. Doctors Manitoba has created a brand new Mentorship Program …

The webpage also contains a signup for a kickoff/mixer for the Mentorship event that will happen at the Met on October 23 at 6:30pm. I’d encourage you all to attend and meet not only your mentors but others involved in the program, it will be a great networking opportunity.

The signup form for the Mentorship Program can be found here:


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