Humans of CaRMS – Emergency Medicine

Which residency program did you match into? And where?

Emergency medicine, U of M

Do you feel that your choice of electives had any impact on your CaRMS match? If yes, please give a brief description?

Absolutely. EM extremely competitive, expected that you do at least 4 weeks of electives. Some schools would not interview students who had done less than 4 weeks of EM electives (as noted by some program directors)

What did you do with your Med 1 and Med 2 summers? (i.e. exposures, research, etc...)

Early exposure in EM in both years. Traveled

What was the best piece of advice you received while going through the match process?

Be yourself. Get to know the residents where you are doing electives/interviews. Remember to smile and be excited about CaRMS interviews, it is the most fun few weeks of medical school


What was the most valuable lesson or experience you had while going through the match process? Can you describe this?

Get started on your applications and personal letters as early as possible. They take a huge amount of time to do.

If you could go back and change anything during pre-clerkship or clerkship, what would you change?

Start CaRMS applications earlier

What did you do in your four years of medical school that you found to be the most helpful during the CaRMS process?

Travel, research, getting to know residents in home program that I was interested in

Optional: Do you have any final words of wisdom or advice? If yes, do tell.

It is worth reiterating this: start your applications/personal letters/ CV revision early.