MMSA Awards Dinner 2019

The annual MMSA Awards Dinner was hosted on February 13th, 2019 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It honoured the many excellent mentors who continually go above and beyond for their students.

Continue reading for a list of this year’s award winners.

Student Award Winners

MMSA Citizenship Award: Amy Sahai, Class of 2021

MMSA Global Health Award: Achieng Tago, Class of 2020

MMSA Leadership Award: Jaymie Walker, Class of 2020

Katherine Ann Klassen Memorial Community Service Award: Yohanna Asghedom, Class of 2020

Canadian Medical Association 150th Anniversary Award: Amanda Fontes, Class of 2019


Teaching Award Winners

Awarded by the class of 2021

Award for Best Course: Anita Soni CV1

Award for Inspiration: Clarence Khoo

Award for Innovation: Keevin Bernstein

Award for Mentorship: Anita Soni

Award for Teaching in a Small Group Setting: Faisal Siddiqui

Award for Rural week Preceptors: Dr. Chris Burnett + Dr. Mairi Burnett, Niverville

Awarded by the class of 2020

Award for Best Course: Keevin Bernstein UT2

Award for Inspiration: Debbie Robinson

Award for Innovation: Ian Whetter

Award for Mentorship: Faisal Siddiqui

Award for Teaching in a Small Group Setting: Keevin Bernstein

Awarded by the class of 2019

Award for Professionalism (Attending): Jillian Horton

Award for Patient Advocacy (Attending): Anthony Battad

Award for Clinical Teaching (Attending): Jeffery Saranchuk

Award for Mentorship (Attending): Adelicia Yu

Award for Professionalism (Resident): Jordan Langrell

Award for Patient Advocacy (Resident): Gurjit Bhangoo

Award for Clinical Teaching (Resident): Andrew Geisheimer

Award for Mentorship (Resident): Paige Isabey

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