MMSA Awards


The annual MMSA awards took place on February 26 at the Canadian Museum for human rights. Students and teachers alike were acknowledged for their contributions and teachings on and off campus. Dr. Ira Ripstein presented this year’s CMA 150 award to Joseph Darcel. The MMSA’s own George Cai and Fatima Bakhtiari took home MMSA Citizenship and Global Health awards respectively. Daniel Kroft, class of 2020 president won the MMSA Leadership award and Lucy Karp was awarded the Katherine Anne Klassen Community Service Award. After a fantastic meal the Teaching awards were presented to the very deserving preceptors and residents by MMSA award committee representatives from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 classes (winners listed below). Of note, this was the first year an award was given to acknowledge a B.Sc. (Med) supervisor. Dr. Barbara Triggs Raine received the inaugural award. All nominees were acknowledged with gratitude for their positive influence on the student experience and encouraged to continue to demonstrate excellence. Dr. Kevin Patterson delivered the keynote address. He gave an inspiring account of his experiences in the North with themes of heroism in medicine and taking action in the face of criticism. The evening went smoothly thanks to the efforts of the External Relations office, the MMSA teaching awards committee, the staff at the CMHR and restaurant and the students who put forward nominations for student, resident and teaching awards.


Class of 2022 Awards:

Inspiration: Dr. Anita Soni
Innovation: Dr. Clarence Khoo
Mentorship: Dr. Anita Soni
Small Group: Dr. Sabine Hombach-Klonisch
Rural Week:  Dr. Joseph Partyka – Beausejour
Best Course: Clinical Reasoning 1 – Leader: Dr. Aaron Guinn
Class of 2021:
Inspiration: Dr. George Zhanel
Innovation: Dr. Anita Soni
Mentorship: Dr. Anita Soni
Small Group: Dr. Aviva Goldberg
Best Course: Urinary Tract 2 – Leader: Dr. Chris Sathianathan
B.Sc. (Med):  Dr. Barbara Triggs-Raine
Class of 2020:
Resident Professionalism: Dr. David Snider
Resident Patient Advocacy: Dr. Tessa Harvey
Resident Clinical Teaching: Dr. Caleb Yeung
Resident Mentorship:  Dr. Evan Graham
Attending Professionalism: Dr. Jeff Hyman
Attending Patient Advocacy: Dr. Amanda Morris
Attending Clinical Teaching: Dr. Greg Reimer

Attending Mentorship:  Dr. Brian Milligan


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