Neurosurgery Interest Night

Join Surgery Club on Zoom for a presentation by surgeons and residents in Neurosurgery. Find out what the specialty does, learn about the residency and requirements, and have your questions about lifestyle, locations, and practice answered!

Intro to Ophthalmology with Dr. Bellan

Welcome to the new University of Manitoba Ophthalmology Club (UMOC)‘s first ever event! Interested in learning about Ophthalmology and the daily life of a practising ophthalmologist in Winnipeg? Intrigued about the journey and steps one may need to take to become an ophthalmologist? Come join us for UMOC’s first ever event with Dr. Lorne Bellan ! Dr. Lorne […]

General Surgery – Residency and Career Talk

Join General Surgery resident Dr. Nhayan Abdulla on Zoom, hosted by Surgery Club! Dr. Abdulla will be presenting about his journey to General Surgery, with all of its challenges and opportunities, and hosting a q and a period. Bring your own wine and cheese! The Zoom link to the meeting will be posted in an […]

Pathology: Clearing Up Facts and Fiction

Picture it: a dimly lit room, a mysteriously shadowed doctor, the absence of some critical PPE component and on the examination table, a corpse being autopsied in near darkness. In a matter of minutes, key forensic results are produced and the case is solved! This is a common representation of pathology in the media and […]