Halfway – Second Year in Reflection

Written by Lisa Kim, Class of 2023 Secretary    The second year of medical school is a unique time: you’re in the middle of preclerkship, you’re facing the anxieties of entering clerkship, and there’s increasing pressure on you to figure out what you want to specialize in. On top of that, the Class of 2023 […]

Coming to a Close – A Look into the Final Year of Medical School

As the final year of medical school comes to a close, we wish to share additional thoughts and advice about clerkship from three of our (now former) fourth year medical students Kristen Braun, Wendy Wang, and Lochlan Wilson. If you missed part 1 of this article, it can be found here: https://mmsa.online/other-news/the-story-so-far-looking-back-from-the-final-year/   What is […]