Announcement: Awards Eligibility

The College of Medicine has put in place a requirement for recipients of awards/bursary/scholarships to send a thank-you note to the donor. It is always important to take the time to remember the effort and initiative of each donor who established the Max Rady College of Medicine scholarships, prizes or bursaries, either in loving memory of a family member or previous classmates.

Expressing your thanks is considered to be an act of professionalism.

Effective immediately, students who receive a named award/scholarship/bursary are expected to send a thank you note to the listed donor with a copy to UGME Awards Office. Jen Parker at UGME Awards ( is available to assist in identifying the donor and how to contact her/him. A template donor letter is available at Financial Aid and Awards website (

Students who do not send a thank you note will be deemed ineligible for subsequent scholarships and awards. This change has been approved by the Awards/Scholarship/Bursary Committee and endorsed by the Dean and members of the Dean’s Council.


Kristen Braun

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