Henry Li – Recipient of CMHF Award!

Laureates of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame cite qualities such as perseverance, collaboration and an entrepreneurial spirit as contributors to their success as national and world health leaders. The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award recognizes medical students who demonstrate these qualities and show outstanding potential as future leaders and innovators of health care in Canada.


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We are so incredibly pleased to congratulate this year’s winner: Henry Li!

Henry Li is a third-year medical student at the University of Manitoba who is passionate about channeling his aptitudes for the benefit of others. As a dedicated scholar, Henry entered medical school at the age of 19 with a BSc, a near-perfect institutional GPA, and the highest MCAT score in his class. As a community leader, he co-founded the Manitoba Chinese Youth Committee to promote multiculturalism, encourage involvement in his local community, and create a venue for youth to build their leadership skills. His commitment to empowering others continued through his leadership roles with Let’s Talk Science and CanU Canada, where he engaged K-12 students in science and health science activities to inspire them to careers in STEM. Henry strives to create new opportunities for his peers. In addition to fostering positive relationships and processes within the Manitoba Medical Students Association and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, he also established the MMSA Student Initiative Grants Program and secured two new multi-year sponsorships for the CFMS. After completing two basic science projects in his first year, Henry has since focused his energies on clinical oncology research, and expects to submit his third manuscript this year. He hopes to one day drive translational research to improve medical care in Canada.




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