Humans of CaRMS – Emergency Medicine 3

Which specialty did you match into? And where?

Emergency in Vancouver

At what point in medical school did you know what specialty you wanted to match into?

No specific point, and I think I continued to second guess myself. I think at a certain point I decided, because it was time to decide, and then planned my life around how I felt at that moment. I think it’s going to work out. All good options!

Do you feel that your choice of electives had any impact on your CaRMS match?

Absolutely. I was careful talking to those in years above about strategic places to go on elective, for how many weeks and when to go. Lots of planning and throwing money at the electives scheduling site. I kept trying to get the right electives into the fall.

What did you do with your Med 1 and Med 2 summers?

Spent lots of time with friends, travelling, and did paid casual research (outside of the BSC med program, and the program I ended up matching too)

What was the most valuable lesson or experience you had while going through the match process?

I think for me it was recognizing that electives, combined with only a couple days of Christmas break, followed by a busy interview schedule is very challenging. People will say this year is the funnest part of medical school. They are not referring to this couple week block. It is brutal, and hard, and you need to take care of yourself. Say no to interviews if you need too. Understand what you truly care about and put your efforts there.

If you could go back and change anything during pre-clerkship or clerkship, what would you change?

Nothing comes to mind.

What did you do in your four years of medical school that you found to be the most helpful during the CaRMS process?

I spent a lot of time asking questions to those ahead of me, who had been through the process.

Do you have any final words of wisdom or advice?

Med 4 is very challenging, but for completely different reasons than your previous years of med. Enjoy the opportunity to visit Canada and to show people what you got, have a ton of fun, but take care of yourself. It will actually all be okay.