Humans of CaRMS – Family Medicine 12


Which specialty did you match into? And where?

Family Medicine Calgary

At what point in medical school did you know what specialty you wanted to match into?

I was always between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine. The decision was made during elective picking time. I liked Family medicine for its diversity of patient population.

Do you feel that your choice of electives had any impact on your CaRMS match?

I don’t believe so. I had a few family electives for my own interest. I didn’t do an elective in my match city.

What did you do with your Med 1 and Med 2 summers?

I did the BSc. med research. I really enjoyed my research and working with my supervisor. I think having research in your resume also helps with the process. I received a few compliments during my interview looking at the research section.

What was the most valuable lesson or experience you had while going through the match process?

I had to scramble and find another reference the night before because my preceptor wanted to submit his letter last minute. Trust me, you don’t want to go through the stress of that. Tell your preceptors the deadline is a week prior to the actual date.

If you could go back and change anything during pre-clerkship or clerkship, what would you change?

I would take a more relaxed approach because you will learn well when you enter clerkship. Also, don’t be afraid to see as many patients as possible during clerkship. The more you see the better you become.

What did you do in your four years of medical school that you found to be the most helpful during the CaRMS process?

Having someone to help me with editing letters!

Do you have any final words of wisdom or advice?

You will make it one way or another!!!