MMSA Awards

Like most public events since March 2020, our annual MMSA Awards shifted onto Zoom for the first time in history on February 24th, 2021. Nevertheless, this global pandemic did not keep us from honouring our peers, preceptors, mentors and teachers, for their contributions to our faculty are nothing short of extraordinary. We are proud of their accomplishments and perseverance in spite of these unprecedented times.

Dr. Aaron Chiu and Dr. Isanne Schacter presented awards to our brilliant students. The CMA 150th Anniversary Award was received by the deserving Rachel Rudney from the Class of 2022. Connor Ford and Negar Atefi (Class of 2023) received the MMSA Citizenship Award and Global Health Award, respectively. Anthony Wightman (Class of 2023) received the MMSA Katherine Anne Klassen Memorial Community Service Award. Our fearless leader George Cai (Class of 2021) took home our Leadership Award. With the greatest sense of pride, all nominees were recognized for their positive influence on the rest of our student body. We are so fortunate to acknowledge these student leaders among us, who continue to demonstrate excellence and altruism.

The MMSA teaching awards were presented by the MMSA committee members. Please find the list of worthy recipients down below.

We were incredibly fortunate to welcome Dr. Marcia Anderson- Vice-Dean, Indigenous Health, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and Medical Officer of Health- and Melanie McKinnon- head of Ongomiizwin-Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing and Executive Director of Ongomiizwin Health Services to deliver this year’s keynote address. They spoke about the impact of COVID-19 on Manitoba’s Indigenous Peoples. As members of Manitoba’s First Nations Pandemic Response Coordination Team, they provided excellent insight on how this pandemic has influenced the health and communities of Manitoba’s Indigenous people.

This event would not have been possible without the efforts of the External Relations office, the MMSA teaching awards committee, and the students who put forward nominations for student, resident and teaching awards.


Med I – Pre-Clerkship Class of 2023:

Best Teaching in Small Group Setting: Dr. Sari Hannila

Innovation: Dr. Jason Peeler

Inspiration: Dr. Brent Fedirchuk

Mentorship: Ms. Leilanie Clayton

Rural Week Preceptor: Dr. Manish Garg

Best Course: Dr. Aaron Guinn, Clinical Reasoning Year 1

Med II- Pre-Clerkship Class of 2022:

Best Teaching in Small Group Setting: Dr. Anthony Battad

Innovation: Dr. Clarence Khoo

Inspiration: Dr. George Zhanel

Mentorship: Dr. George Zhanel

Best Course: Neurosciences Year 2, Dr. Eytan Perl Dr. Sean Udow

Med III- Clerkship Class of 2021:

Clinical Teaching – Attending: Dr. Faisal Siddiqui

Mentorship – Attending: Dr. Jeffrey Hyman

Patient Advocacy – Attending: Dr. Kulvir Badesha

Professionalism – Attending: Dr. Aviva Goldberg

Clinical Teaching – Resident: Dr. Quinlan Richert

Mentorship – Resident: Dr. Kaitlin Edwards

Patient Advocacy – Resident: Dr. Ali Taha

Professionalism – Resident: Dr. Bon Castillo


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