College of Medicine Art Show Accepting Submissions

The Annual Max Rady College of Medicine Art Show is now accepting submissions!


What is it?

The Max Rady College of Medicine Art Show is an annual event that exists to encourage students, faculty, and community members to put their artistic and/or linguistic talents to use! Works will be displayed in Brodie Atrium to be enjoyed by all from the evening of April 15th – April 18th.

When is it?

The show will take place from April 15th – April 18th, 2019!

There will be an unveiling of all the artwork at an Evening Gala in the Brodie Atrium on Monday, April 15th, from 5:30-7:00. Throughout the evening, there will be guest speakers, live performances and refreshments, all for free!

What is the theme for this year?

Each year the Creative Arts Interest Group carefully selects a theme that we believe is relevant to medicine, and society at large. This year, our theme is “In the Blink of an Eye”, we encourage artists to consider both literal and more abstract interpretations of this theme. Examples include a painting of an eye, or perhaps a piece of poetry exploring an important life event that seemed to happen ‘in the blink of an eye’!

Who can submit?

We are accepting submissions from students and faculty from the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences (not just in the College of Medicine)! We are also accepting submissions from community members who have close ties to the faculty or HSC. Feel free to email us at if you want further information.

How do I submit a piece?

Please fill out this form to tell us about the piece you intend to submit.

Art work will be displayed starting on April 15th, so it is important that you drop off your piece with one of our group members on or before this date! After your submit the above form, you will be contacted by a member of the Creative Arts Interest Group to arrange a drop off time for your piece. If you have any concerns please email us directly at

Important Deadlines

*Deadline for filling out the above form is Wednesday, APRIL 10th at midnight

*Deadline for dropping off your art is Monday, APRIL 15th at noon

*We will take down the pieces on the afternoon of Thursday, April 18th for pick-up. Anyone is welcome to come pick up their own art, however if you are unable to pick it up in the afternoon of the 18th, we will store it for you until pick up can be arranged.

Thank you, we look forward to your submissions

– Creative Arts Interest Group, 2018-2019 (


Kristen Braun

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