Humans of CaRMS – Internal Medicine


A picture of Bryce, the MMSA VSI

Which residency program did you match into? And where?

Internal Medicine in Calgary

Do you feel that your choice of electives had any impact on your CaRMS match? If yes, please give a brief description?

Yes, I did an elective in Calgary at the Foothills Hospital, and that helped me because I got letters from both preceptors there.

What did you do with your Med 1 and Med 2 summers? (i.e. exposures, research, etc...)

I traveled and played golf and in Med 2 summer I did an early exposure in Nephrology

What was the best piece of advice you received while going through the match process?

Have fun on the CaRMS tour, and be yourself. A lot of the process is showing that you are someone people want to work with. Work hard on your electives, be friendly and humble, show up on time. Doing those simple things and a tiny bit of reading (seriously like an hour a week) go a long way in getting you letters.

What was the most valuable lesson or experience you had while going through the match process? Can you describe this?

As much as the programs are evaluating you during the process, you’re also evaluating them. Think hard about what you want in a program, and look for it on the tour. Don’t be afraid to ask about weaknesses of the program either.

If you could go back and change anything during pre-clerkship or clerkship, what would you change?

Probably doing some research, even just a small amount. People who did research seemed to get more interviews, by and large.

What did you do in your four years of medical school that you found to be the most helpful during the CaRMS process?

Probably volunteering on the MMSA. Doing that work and meeting all the people that I had the opportunity to meet was not only resume padding, but also helped me to develop skills that improved me clinically, in addition to being more comfortable being interviewed, talking with members of faculty, etc.

Do you have any final words of wisdom or advice? If yes, do tell.

Enjoy the process, and always be open to different possibilities. Prior to electives, I didn’t think there was any chance I was going away for residency and after I ended up wanting to leave and I matched away.