MMSA DocsMB Med 1 Workshop

Med 1 Workshops

This past Saturday, October 14th, the Med 1 Workshop took place. This initiative came from the minds of a group of students from the 2017 graduating class who came together and thought of what they wish they had been told during pre-clerkship.


Keynote Presentation by Dr. Aaron Chiu

· This presentation touched on the journey that is medical school and how this journey never stops, even when becoming a physician.

Med 1 Breakout Session

· This session touched on the Med 1 experience; particular highlights included networking, shadowing, research, and great ways to get involved.

Med 2 Breakout Session

· This session was all about extracurriculars, track selection, and everything that Med 2 has to offer.

Med 3/4 Breakout Session

· CaRMS, and transitioning into clerkship were the key highlights from this session.


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