2017 CFMS Annual General Meeting

Who was there?

• Travel award winners
• Medical society presidents
• Global Health Liaisons
• VP Externals and CFMS Jr. Representatives
• National Officers
• Executive Members of the CFMS Council

What did we discuss?

1. Unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates – Panelists included Dr. Genevieve Moineau
(AFMC), Dr. Ian Bowmer (MCC), and John Gallinger (CaRMS)
• Discussion focused on the continual rise in unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates
• The importance of having supports for unmatched students was emphasized
2. Entry Routes – Panelists included Irving Gold (RDoC), Dr. Genevieve Moineau (AFMC), Dr.
Ken Harris (RCPSC), Dr. Paul Sawchuck (CFPC)
• Discussion focused on various entry routes into residency programs
3. MINC Overview – Stephen Abraham, MINC Chief Information Officer
• Breakdown on exactly what a Medical Identification Number for Canada is and what it
4. CMA Enterprise – Panelists included Allison Seymour (MDFM), John Feeley (CMA), and
Sheila Beehler-Walsh (Joule)
• Leadership Scholarships and Financial Needs Bursaries
• Joule Innovation Grant – discussion was centred on increasing medical student
involvement in this initiative by making it more accessible

Keynote – Dr. Brian Goldman of ‘White Coat, Black Art’

• Focus was on disruptive innovation in medicine
• How we as future physicians can ensure that we can survive disruptive innovation

Elections for the following Executive Member positions:

VP Medical Education; VP Communication; VP Finance; VP Student Affairs; VP Global Health; VP
Government Affairs; Atlantic Regional Representative (1), Quebec Regional Representative (1), Ontario
Regional Representative (2), Western Regional Representative (2)
• Winners included Manitoba’s very own Christopher Briggs as the new VP Global Health!


1. Curricular Advocacy Guidelines
2. Learner Privacy in Canadian Medical Schools
3. Support of Parents in Undergraduate Medical Education
4. Personal Day Policies at Canadian Medical Schools
5. Improving Service Learning Curricula in Canadian Medical Education
6. Support for Unmatched Canadian Medical Students
7. Canadian Medical Students Updating Position on Tobacco
• Resolutions and supporting documents can be found on the following link:
• The Resolution Position Papers that are approved will be soon posted on the CFMS website
Strategic Plan
• CFMS Human Resources and Operations Strategic Plan for 2017-2022 has been adopted


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